The Matrix has been compared to Masonry

Excepting the truth is the same no matter what
venue or medium you display it in
A Glimpse into the History of Masonry

The York Rite is practiced today as it was
over 200yrs ago. Understanding speculative
and operative masonry can happen when
York Rite Masonry.
Knowledge Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Wisdom and knowledge are shared by
brothers who study to show themselves
approved...often willing to be tried, never
denied, and willing to be tried again.
Secrets in Plain Sight
King Solomons Tablet of Stone
Conspiracies Exposed
It was an honor to get this interview with Gene
Hutloff and W. Kirk MacNulty, both learned Masons
of their time. This interview was planned at the last
minute and neither of them knew what was going to
be ask, so they had no time to prepare.
I think the content of this video is impressive and
every Mason should know about The Taxil Hoax
and how it still effects Freemasonry today with lies
and conspiracy about Lucifer and Demonic worship.
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